Q: What programs do you offer?
A: We offer Revshare and Pay Per SignUp (PPS) programs.
If you work on Revshare, you will get 50% from ALL signups and rebills lifetime.
If you choose Pay Per SignUp, you will earn $30 for each full membership sign up and $20 for trials.

Q: Is it possible to get higher rates?
A: Yes, you can get higher % for Revshare and $ for PPS. The decision is made individually. Contact our support.

Q: How often do I get paid?
A: WTFBucks send payments 2 times a month - on 1st and 16th of each month. Note that we have payment hold for 2 weeks.

Q: What promo tools do you offer?
A: After you register, you will find the following promo tools inside members are: Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs), Hosted and Embeded Flvs, XML and RSS feeds, banners. If you can't find the promo you need, we will be happy to make custom promo for you. Just contact our support and let us know what you need.

Q: I didn't receive confirmation email. What should I do?
A: If you can't find confirmation email in your Inbox, please check Spam/Junk folder (sometimes it goes there). Can't find it in Spam folder? Contact our support then.

Q: Do you have mobile sites?
A: Yes, we do. Mobile version is available for our network site WTFPass - WTFPass Mobile.

Q: Do you have discount tours?
A: Yes, we do. Discount tours are available for Revshare program only. If you work on PPS and want to have discount tours, contact our support.

Q: How can I turn off trials?
A: We have special tours with no trials. So, if you don't want to promote our sites with trial option, use 'No Trial' tours.

Q: Where I can read terms and conditions?
A: WTFBucks 'Terms and Conditions'

Q: Do you accept chat traffic?
A: No, we don't accept any kind of chat traffic.

Q: Do you have exclusive content?
A: Yes, we shoot HD exclusive content for our sites.

Q: I have more than 1 website. Will I need to register diiferent accounts for each site?
A: There is no need to create different accounts. You can add different campaigns at your account and follow stats for each campaign.

Q: What are your top converted sites?
A: The list of top converted sites changes, so if you want to get the latest information, contact our support

Q: I can't find an answer to my questions on this page.
A: WTFBucks support will be happy to answer all questions you are interested in.